Town Clerk

  1. General Information

    General information about Town Clerk duties.

  2. Dog Licenses

    Every dog, except dogs kept under a kennel license as provided in section 22-342, must be licensed when it becomes six months old and then annually in June.

  3. Fees & Forms

    Information about fees and forms

  4. Freedom of Information Act Request (PDF)

    View and download the Freedom of Information Act request form.

  5. Land Records

    For your convenience our new online service is available for viewing indexes, and viewing and printing images of land records.

  6. Marriage

    FAQs and forms regarding Marriage

  7. Notary Public

    As a courtesy to the residents of Madison, the Town Clerk’s Office provides some free notary public services during office hours.

  8. Vital Records

    Vital Records in the Town of Madison include births, deaths, and marriages, and date back to May 5, 1826.

  9. Voting & Elections

    Information on elections including results and absentee ballots

  10. US State Representatives for Madison