Town Departments

  1. Animal Control

    Madison Animal Control provides rabies vaccinations, licensing, adoption, and spaying/neutering services.

  2. Assessor

    Find tax information about personal property, tax deferrals, and assessment appeals.

  3. Beach & Recreation Department

    Find information about parks and beaches in the Town of Madison. Beach stickers are issued by the Department.

  4. Building Department

    The Building Department enforces the Building Code, issues permits, and conducts building inspections.

  5. Emergency Management

    Find resources from Emergency Management to help you plan for emergencies and prepare for natural disasters.

  6. Engineering Department

    Learn more about Engineering Department services and information

  7. Finance Department

    Find financial and budget information for the Town of Madison.

  8. Fire Marshal

    Local fire marshals are responsible for the enforcement of many of the sections found in Chapter 541 of the Connecticut General Statutes, as well as numerous codes that are promulgated under the provision of these statutes.

  9. Health Department

    The Madison Health Department works together with local agencies to prevent illness and promote health and safety in the Town of Madison.

  10. Human Resources

    The Human Resources department of the Town of Madison is responsible for the recruitment and retention of town employees.

  11. Inland Wetlands Agency

    Find regulations, forms, a record of actions, and meeting documents from the Inland Wetlands Agency.

  12. Madison Public Schools

    Access the Madison Public Schools website.

  13. Planning & Zoning Department

    Find Town zoning regulations and maps, along with Planning and Zoning applications, forms, and fees.

  14. Police Department

    Learn more about services the Madison Police Department provides to residents.

  15. Probate Court

    The Madison-Guilford Court is a division of the Connecticut Judicial Branch - a State Court that by law must have a facility provided by the municipalities comprising the districts it serves.

  16. Public Works Department

    The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of substantial portions of Town property.

  17. Registrar of Voters

    This office holds primaries and referendums as well as maintains all voter files, registers new voters, and conducts annual canvasses of voters.

  18. Scranton Memorial Library

    Access the Scranton Memorial Library website.

  19. Selectman's Office

    Learn more about the Board of Selectmen, the governing body for the Town of Madison.

  20. Senior Services

    Madison Senior Services strives to improve the quality of life for the senior citizens of Madison by providing services and connecting seniors, family members or caregivers to state and local services and resources.

  21. Tax Collector

    You can now pay taxes online, research and print out tax bills.

  22. Technology Department

    Find contact information for the Technology Department.

  23. Town Clerk

    The Town Clerk is responsible for vital records, licensing and permitting, and local elections.

  24. Youth & Family Services

    Madison Youth and Family Services is charged with the development and delivery of a range of services for the young people of Madison and their families.

  25. Employee Intranet