General Information

  1. Citizen Complaints

    View information about citizen complaints and how to file one.

  2. Door Tags

    The Madison Police Department has new door tags to let residents know there is something we would like to point out to them.

  3. Beginning Teenage Drivers

    See the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute's website for information about teenage drivers.

  4. Lost, Stolen, or Missing Bicycles

    The Madison Police Department is constantly seeking the rightful owners of various found bicycles.

  5. Braemore Property

    It will be the duty and responsibility of the Madison Police Department to enforce all ordinances of the Town of Madison for the Braemore Property.

  6. Community Services Infoline

    Community Services Infoline is a free, confidential service available 24 hours a day, every day in Connecticut.

  7. Coyotes

    Madison has experienced numerous sightings of Eastern coyotes recently, especially during the spring when their young have been born and the parents are hunting for food.

  8. Identity Theft

    Someone has your number. What will you do?

  9. Overnight Parking During Winter

    Read the Madison Town Ordinance on overnight parking during winter months.

  10. Parking Tickets

    View the fee schedule for parking tickets issued in the Town of Madison.

  11. Pedestrian & Vehicle Safety

    Take a moment to read about pedestrian and vehicle safety.

  12. Prescription Medicine Disposal (PDF)

    Learn how to properly dispose of unwanted medications.

  13. Suspicious Letters / Packages

    Read the Center for Disease Control Guidelines for how to deal with suspicious letters or packages.