Youth & Family Services

Madison Youth and Family Services is an agency established in 1983, by the Town of Madison. It is charged with the development and delivery of a range of services for the young people of Madison and their families.

The agency exists to foster the healthy development of the children of Madison and their families through progressive programs that offer prevention, community coordination and treatment services.


is a welcome/orientation program created by Madison Youth & Family Services’ Peer Advocates in collaboration with the Daniel Hand High School Department of Guidance and Counseling.  “REACH OUT” is a student-to-student project conceived of and organized to ease the transition to a new school for students coming to DHHS from other towns, other schools and other school systems.

This year’s “REACH OUT” will take place on Friday, September 2 from 10:00 – 1:00 p.m. at Daniel Hand High School. Students entering DHHS from other school systems are invited and encouraged to participate in “Reach Out”.

For information about the program, please call Melissa Balletto at Madison Youth & Family Services, (203) 245-5657.

Your community and your state have been very busy trying to bring more essential services to our citizens in need. Please feel free to contact either Heather Castrilli or Wendy Larson for details on the many other state and local assistance programs not listed. Including food stamps, health insurance, Medicare, Medicare Part D, if you or someone you know is in need please give us a call we are here to help.