Stop Bullying in Madison Now!
A Community Resource Guide for Parents & Children: Where to Turn for Support and Intervention
Bullying is a significant, pervasive, and growing problem that affects the overall well-being of countless young people every day. Studies show that 15-25% of U.S. students are bullied with some frequency and that while school violence has declined during the past several years, incidences of bullying have increased. Research indicates that the damaging effects of bullying can last into adulthood.

The purpose of this section is:
  • To raise awareness of the problem of bullying in Madison
  • To identify bullying in its various forms and possible locations
  • To list people with resources and training that will intervene to help you end bullying and other aggressive, damaging behaviors
Bullying should not be accepted as a normal part of growing up, not when we can take action to stop it. This brochure will tell you where to get help to intervene in a bullying situation.