Stormwater Management & Pollution Prevention

The Town of Madison has prepared a town-wide Stormwater Management Plan and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans as required by the U.S. EPA National Pollution Discharge Elimination System stormwater program and the State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection stormwater permit requirements.

These programs regulate stormwater discharges from Municipal sources, construction activities, and industrial activities.

General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater from Small Separate Municipal Storm Sewer Systems (MS4).

The plan includes the following six minimum control measures:

  1. Public Education and Outreach
  2. Public Participation
  3. Detection and Elimination of Illegal Discharges to Storm Drainage Systems
  4. Construction Site Run-Off Control
  5. Post Construction Water Quality Measures
  6. Good Housekeeping Measures