Top Dog 2016

All dogs whose licenses are renewed during the month of June will be entered in a special drawing. The winning entrant (picked at random) will receive Tag #1!

Duncan Nicoletti is Madison’s Top Dog and will wear the #1 tag this year! He is a 7 year old ½ Airedale Terrier, ½ Golden Retriever mix.  Duncan is originally from Arkansas and as a puppy he was transported by box truck along with other rescue dogs to Waterbury, CT.  Mike Nicoletti wanted to adopt a puppy and Holly (his future wife) wanted a rescue dog so the compromise was to adopt a rescued puppy.  They picked Duncan up in Waterbury and he had his loving forever home.

Duncan’s favorite things to do are:  dig up the yard (of course); play tug of war with squeaky stuffed animals; go on walks, and run in the snow.  He also has a list of favorite foods! They include bagel with cream cheese, eggs and hamburger. He will do anything for a tasty bite!

When Holly and Mike married, Duncan wore a tuxedo. Now dressing up on Halloween is a tradition and Duncan’s costume always coordinates with the Nicoletti’s two little girls. One of the favorite costumes was Yoda from Star Wars. 

Duncan loves hugs which is a good thing because he gets lots of those from the Nicoletti’s two girls.  

Congratulations Duncan for being the 2016 Madison Top Dog!

2016 Top Dog - Duncan!


Jeter, the 2015 Top Dog, selects the next Top Dog


Jeter picks the next Top Dog!