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Telephone: 203.245.2721 | Monday - Friday 8 AM - 4 PM, Weekends 7 AM - 10 AM


Welcome to the Madison Animal Control Department's web page!



The Animal Control Officer is located at 9 Campus Drive (inside the Police Station)


The hours are subject to change without notice. Please leave a message as the voicemail is monitored every day. Arrangements during other hours can be made. All animal related calls received by the Police Department will be handled by patrol officers when the Animal Control Officers are unavailable.


Our Regional Shelter (Clinton, Westbrook & Madison) is located at 117 Nod Road, Clinton, CT 06413. Retrievals of lost pets, and pet adoptions occur at the shelter by appointment only. Please make arrangements with the Animal Control Officer to schedule redemptions and possible adoptions. Anyone redeeming their dog from the shelter is required to have a current Town of Madison dog license if the dog is 6 months or older.


Rabies Vaccination

Every dog and cat is required to have a current rabies vaccination. The fine for not having a pet vaccinated is $136.00.


Every dog over the age of six months must be licensed. Licensing is done by the Town Clerk at 8 Campus Drive. The cost of an annual license is $8.00 for a neutered/spayed dog and $19.00 for an unneutered/unspayed dog. (See the Town Clerk's website for further information).

Memo - Town Ordinances relative to dogs in the Town of Madison

Leash Laws

State Statute, Sec. 22-364 - Dogs Roaming At Large, states in part that no owner or keeper of any dog shall allow such dog to roam at large upon the land and not under control of the owner or keeper.

Town Ordinance, Sec. 5-2 - Allowing Dogs on Property Other Than Owners, states in part that [2] On public or quasipublic property, the dog is properly on a leash of no more than ten (10) feet in length held by the owner or keeper of the dog. Additionally, the Ordinance states, in part, that (b) Owners and keepers of dogs shall be responsible for the immediate removal of any feces discharged by said dog when such discharge occurs off the owner's or keeper's property. (c)


Adoptions from the Animal Shelter are funded by the State of Connecticut's Department of Agriculture Animal Population Control Program. Our Regional Shelter (Clinton, Westbrook & Madison) is located at 117 Nod Road, Clinton, CT 06413 which is where you would adopt a pet. Please contact the Animal Control Officer if you are interested in adopting a pet.

Spayed/Neutered: Dogs already spayed or neutered have an adoption fee of $5.00 and the new pet owner is responsible for all vet care expenses.

Unspayed/Unneutered: After a pet is selected, an eligible owner will complete a vaccination/sterilization voucher (APCP-03) and must pay a $50 fee ($45 program/$5 municipal). The voucher benefits are as follows: $50 for a male cat, $70 for a female cat, $100 for a male dog and $120 for a female dog. In addition, the program will provide for two pre-surgical vaccinations coincident with the sterilization. Only the adopted pet and Connecticut resident listed on the voucher are eligible for benefits. Vouchers cannot be transferred.Veterinary practices participating in the program will be listed at the shelter. The voucher must be used within 60 days of the adoption date to receive benefits. The adoption voucher is available for only dogs that are not currently spayed or neutered.