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NOVEMBER 3, 2015


Absentee ballots will be available beginning October 2, 2015 at the Town Clerk’s office, 8 Campus Drive.

To obtain an absentee ballot:

An application MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE VOTER prior to issuing the ballot.  The applications are available:

1. In person at the Town Clerk’s office during regular hours or by printing the link below.  Complete the application and either bring the application to the Town Clerk’s office and you will be given a ballot at that time to complete while there or to take with you and return in person or by mail 

2. By printing the application from the link below.  You can bring it in to the Town Clerk’s office as stated in number 1, or, mail the application to:  Town Clerk, 8 Campus Drive, Madison, CT 06443.  Upon receipt a ballot will be mailed to you starting October 2, 2015 at the designated address provided.

3. If you do not have access to a computer and are not able to come in, you can request that an application be mailed to you at (203) 245-5672 and one will be sent.  Upon completion you will either bring it to the Town Clerk’s office or mail it as noted above in #1 or #2.

Note:  Town Clerk must have the original signature on the application for a ballot to be valid.

Question: The following question will appear on the ballot:

“Shall the Draft Charter for the Town of Madison as presented by the Charter Revision Committee and approved by the Board of Selectmen on June 8, 2015 be adopted as the governing charter for the Town, effective as of January 1, 2016?”

Non-elector property owners are not eligible to vote in the Madison Municipal election but can vote on this year’s question.

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