The Charge


  1. The Madison Coastal Resiliency Commission shall be charged with evaluating the impacts of climate change and sea level rise on the Town of Madison, and shall develop a Resiliency Plan to formulate a resiliency and adaptation strategy to address potential impacts to roads, municipal parks and facilities, other critical municipal infrastructure, public and private onsite septic systems, and emergency response services. The Commission shall also conduct educational and public outreach activities to communicate its findings and recommendations, and shall provide budgetary recommendations to the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance. The Madison Coastal Resiliency Commission shall report directly to the Board of Selectmen in carrying out its duties.
  2. In executing its charge, the Madison Coastal Resiliency Commission shall:
    1. Work closely with appropriate State agencies, including the Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation (CIRCA) and the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP), to assist in evaluating the projected impacts of climate change and sea level rise;
    2. Engage technical consultants as needed to assist in the execution of this charge;
    3. Conduct an initial public educational event after an initial six (6) month study obligation to understand what challenges the Town of Madison is expected to face;
    4. Within eighteen (18) months, develop a Resiliency Plan for consideration and adoption by the Board of Selectmen;
    5. Upon adoption of the initial Resiliency Plan, propose capital projects for inclusion in the Town’s 5-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP);
    6. Provide input into the Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD), Hazard Mitigation Plan, and Board of Selectmen Strategic Plan update processes;
    7. Hold at least one public educational event annually, and interface with community stakeholders on an ongoing basis;
    8. Provide ongoing quarterly updates to the Board of Selectmen.
  3. The committee shall consist of seven (7) members. The Director of Planning & Economic Development shall serve as an ex-officio member and shall have the same rights as other appointed members. The remaining six (6) members shall serve without pay and the term of office shall be as follows: initially three (3) members shall be appointed to two-year terms; and the remaining three (3) members shall be appointed for four-year terms. All subsequent terms shall be for four (4) years. All terms shall expire on December 31. Vacancies occurring in the committee by expiration of term or otherwise shall be filled by appointment by the Board of Selectmen. In addition to the committee membership, the Town Engineer, Director of Health, Director of Emergency Services, and the Director of Finance may serve as advisors to the commission on an as-needed basis.