Hurricane Preparation 2020

Preparing for a hurricane or other large storm may require some additional considerations during a pandemic.

Major considersations:

  • Pay attention to the weather forecast and news alerts from the town government
  • Prepare an emergency kit before the storm arrives
  • Determine in advance where you will go if you need to evacuate.  Shelters will have lower maximum capacities during the pandemic. Shelters may be in different locations than during past emergency events.
    Try to make your own arrangements, if possible.  Don't forget your mask!
  • Secure outdoor items such as lawn chairs that can blow away and in some cases cause damage.
  • Refresh batteries in flashlights and radios. Be prepared in the event the power is out for multiple days.
Prepare Before A Storm - emergency kit, get gas, where will you go, and pets

Important Contact Information

Town of Madison 


911 is for emergency calls only

The Town of Madison Hurricane Season Preparation guide guide is full of useful tips and information.