August 2020

Madison Town Hall is pleased to announce a new communication method.  You can now subscribe to Everbridge and receive Madison Alerts and Updates from the First Selectwoman.  These messages will come in your email, by SMS (text message), in the Everbridge App and by voice phone call.

Click the blue Everbridge Alerts box below to get started!

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Click the blue Everbridge Alerts box
  2. At the bottom of the page click “Sign Up”
    1. Choose a username, fill in your name and choose a password.
    2. Answer a security question.
    3. Accept the Terms of Use and Create your account!
  3. Provide your Time Zone and choose your contact methods
    1. Options include, email, text message, voice calls to your cell, home and business and TTY/TTD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf)
  4. Provide your address for location specific announcements.  
    1. Verify the map has your address correct.
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Click Here to Sign Up!

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Subscription Demonstration Video:

Madison Alerts: click to get started

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