How to Complete an Absentee Ballot

Download an absentee ballot from the Town Clerk's website: ABSENTEE BALLOT

Fill out the fields, including your: name, Madison address, date of birth, telephone number, and email address.  If you need your ballot to be mailed to an address other than your Madison address, provide it in the Mailing Address field.

Check the box next to your reason form requesting an absentee ballot.  Stating the reason is required in Connecticut; failure to complete this section will result in your ballot being delayed.  

 If you are an active duty member of the Military or out of the country, you will need to use a Federal Postcard.  Contact the Town Clerk for next steps.

Print out the form after completing Sections I and II.

Sign your legal name in full on the designated line and date the application.  With your signature you are swearing to the truth of the statements above under penalty of perjury.

 Please note that we must have a “wet” or original signature to count your absentee ballot on Election Day.  Submission of electronic signatures, faxes, or photocopies will require additional steps before your vote can be counted.

Section IV:

This section only needs to be filled out by a person who provided assistance with the completion of the absentee ballot form.

 After filling out all the required information, place your signed and dated application in the return envelope enclosed with your application.  Postage has been provided on this envelope and it is addressed to the Town Clerk of Madison for your convenience; simply drop it in any mailbox.  If you prefer, you may return your application using the secure Ballot Drop Box located at Madison Town Campus, follow the signs as you enter 8 Campus Drive.

 Please return your completed application as soon as you are able so that we can get your ballot to you as quickly as possible.   

Common Mistakes Made While Completing the Absentee Ballot Application:

  • Applications are specific to a voting event.
  • Section II must have a reason checked off to vote by Absentee
  • The Application must have your original inked signature
  • If printing the form from the Town website please do not cut off the top or bottom section of the Application (must be in its entirety)
  • Be sure to mail the Application to the Town Clerk timely so you can receive your Ballot by mail

The Ballot Box is located on the sidewalk of the circular driveway at Town Campus