Affordable Housing Committee - Ad Hoc

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affordable housing plan

Affordable Housing Committee Members

  • Mark Edmiston, Chair
  • Francine Larson, Vice-Chair
  • Anthony Amplo
  • Peter Meier
  • Bennett Pudlin
  • Eric Ratchman
  • Jane Zennario
Madison Meeting minutes and agendas

The US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) defines Affordable Housing as housing where the occupant is paying no more than 30% of gross income on housing, including utilities.  Households paying more than 30% of gross income on housing are considered “housing or cost burdened”.  


The primary goal of the 2022-2027 Madison Affordable Housing Plan is to facilitate and empower the increase in the number of affordable housing units in town.  The ad-hoc Affordable Housing Committee is established to assist in the implementation of the Plan and continuation of work with municipal staff, commissions, and stakeholders on housing initiatives.  The town recognizes the need for a diverse housing stock in order to have a healthy and economically diverse community.  


The Affordable Housing Committee is charged with implementing the Town’s Affordable Housing Plan and making affordable housing a priority within our community.  To carry out these responsibilities, the Committee shall:

  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Selectmen, Planning & Zoning Commission, and other Boards and Commissions on issues related to affordable housing including implementation of and updates to the Madison Affordable Housing Plan. 
  • Provide for opportunities for community input to guide recommendations and priorities related to affordable housing in Madison
  • Study sources of funding for affordable housing
  • Create an inventory of suitable affordable housing sites in Madison
  • Provide an annual report to the Board of Selectmen within 60 days of the end of the fiscal year

The Committee shall meet as needed to accomplish these duties. 


  • The Committee shall consist of seven (7) members appointed by the Board of Selectmen and comply with State regulations of minority representation.
  • The Board of Selectmen will appoint the Chair of the Committee.
  • The term of appointment shall be two (2) years.
  • Desirable membership characteristics include:
    • Commitment to expanding opportunities for affordable housing in Madison
    • Experience in real estate or property development
    • Experience in finance/accounting
    • Experience with advertising, marketing, or branding for public outreach
    • Experience in one of the following professions-architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, or community planning
    • Representative of the demographics of the community
  • Liaisons to the Committee shall include the Town Planner, Asst. Director of Senior Services, a representative from Madison Youth & Family Services, and a representative from the Board of Selectmen & Board of Finance