Affordable Housing Plan Advisory Committee (Ad Hoc)

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affordable housing plan


Pursuant to Public Act 17-170 and Section 8-30j of Connecticut General Statutes, at least once every five years, each municipality in the State of Connecticut is required to prepare or amend and adopt an affordable housing plan for the municipality. Such plan shall specify how the municipality intends to increase the number of affordable housing developments in the municipality. The Town of Madison does not currently have an adopted plan. Based on the effective date of the legislation (July 24, 2017), we are required to adopt a plan by July 24, 2022.


  • The committee shall prepare an Affordable Housing Plan pursuant to the requirements of Section 8-30j of Connecticut General Statutes. Such plan shall be presented to the Board of Selectmen for review and approval to enable adoption prior to the July 24, 2022 deadline.
  • Prior to the preparation of such plan, the committee shall submit to the Board of Selectmen for its approval:
    • a process and timeline to meet the statutory requirement, and 
    • a recommendation of the plan’s goals and objectives 

Committee Meetings

  • The Committee shall meet as required to fulfill their charge. Meetings will be noticed and include time for public comment as a standing agenda item. 

Committee Composition

The committee shall consist of:

  • one (1) representative from the Board of Selectmen
  • one (1) representative from the Planning & Zoning Commission
  • one (1) representative from the Senior Services Commission
  • one (1) representative from the Youth and Family Services Board
  • three (3) additional members from the public. 

The Board of Selectmen will appoint the members of the public to the committee. The Director of Planning & Economic Development and the Town’s Social Services Coordinator shall jointly serve as staff liaisons to the committee.

Committee Membership

Member Affiliation
Erin Duques Board of Selectmen
Peter Roos Planning & Zoning Commission
Andrea Aron Youth & Family Services Board
VACANCY Senior Commission
Sarah Mervine, Chair Public Member
Chad Greenlee Public Member
Matthew Keller Public Member
Staff Liaisons  
Erin Mannix Town Planner
Heather Noblin Assistant Director of Senior Services
Cristal Depietro Social Services Coordinator