PreK and Elementary

August 2021

Hello TCLC and Elementary School Parents! Frankie Esposito, MFT

I am Frankie Esposito, MFT. I am the Parent Support Counselor at Madison Youth and Family Services.   I collaborate with Madison Public Schools through our “School Community Outreach Program Exchange” or SCOPE in which we offer free parent support counseling sessions for you and your child grade 3 and below, when referred through Madison Public Schools. 

MYFS wants to welcome you back this school year, and offer support and services to anyone struggling with the transition back to school. If your child is having anxiety about transitioning back to school, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Ask your child what’s worrying them. Focus on listening and providing emotional support, and reassure them that you can work together to make things better. 
  2. Talk with your child about strategies that help them to express and manage their anxiety. This could be spending time with particular friends, listening to music, reading, playing sport, drawing, cooking or watching a favorite film. 
  3. Younger children might find it helpful to make a ‘worry box’. Decorate any kind of box such as a cereal or shoe box together, and designate a ‘worry time’ when your child will write down what they’re anxious about. Then put it into the box, close the lid and agree not to give it anymore worry time that day. 
  4. Plan a regular morning routine that can be followed each day – from getting up to having breakfast, getting dressed, leaving the house and arriving at school. This will help to create a sense of security. We hope you and your family will take advantage of these helpful tips and our services at Madison Youth and Family Services as we all transition into this new school year.

If you have questions before school begins, are looking for parental resources, or are interested in learning more about counseling options for your child, feel free to contact me  by calling MYFS at (203) 245-5645.

Frankie Esposito, MFT