Housing Plan Survey

The members of the Ad Hoc Affordable Housing Committee thank you for participating in the following survey on housing needs in our community.  Our committee consists of volunteers who are charged with creating an Affordable Housing Plan for Madison that will increase our affordable housing stock in a way that fits the community.  

We want to hear from you to better understand your thoughts and ideas on the matter.  Our goal is to create a successful plan that Madison residents will want to implement in the future and that will allow many – such as seniors on fixed incomes, teachers, firefighters, and shop employees who work in Madison -- to live in our community.  

This first survey has been created by the South Central Regional Council of Governments and will assess housing needs throughout its participating communities.  In the next month or two, please look for our second survey, which will focus exclusively on Madison and what people would like to see in our community.  

Additionally, we will hold several educational forums in November to discuss some of the myths and ideas behind affordable housing and to hear Madison residents’ thoughts and ideas on creating such housing and barriers to success.

We appreciate your time today and hope to see you at one of our upcoming seminars!


The Ad Hoc Affordable Housing Committee

  • Sarah Mervine, Chair
  • Erin Duques, Vice-Chair
  • Andrea Arons
  • Cristal Depietro
  • Chad Greenlee
  • Matthew Keller
  • Heather Noblin
  • Peter Roos

South Central Region, Connecticut

Your input and participation is essential in helping understand and address housing needs in your community and across the region.

The South Central Regional Council of Governments (SCRCOG), which brings together local governments to coordinate municipal services, transportation, and land use planning programs, is helping municipalities in the region to create housing plans tailored to each city/town’s individual housing markets and needs.

SCRCOG is interested in hearing from you!  The survey will be open until October 30, 2021.  Paper copies will be available at the Madison Senior Center and Scranton Memorial Library, or upon request to:

  • Eugene Livshits, Senior Regional Planner, SCRCOG 
  • Email: elivshits@scrcog.org 
  • Phone: (203) 466-8626 


Begin Survey

Please note:  The number of questions indicated at the start of the survey is doubled due to the alternate language option.  You will only be presented with the half of the questions that match your language choice.