New Elementary School Building Committee

Following approval by referendum on February 15, 2022 of the Madison School Renewal Plan, the Madison Board of Selectmen (BOS) shall establish a building committee for the design and construction of a new elementary school on Mungertown Road.

Meeting agendas and minutes
Meeting packets

Committee Members

  • Graham Curtis, Chairman
  • Bob Blundon
  • Amanda Mitchell
  • Sharon Shoemaker
  • Woodie Weiss
  • George Noewatne
  • Diana Colcord
  • Tina Szwejkowski, Alternate

Board of Selectmen Liaison: Bruce Wilson

Board of Finance Liaison: Katie Stein

Board of Education Liaisons: Galen Cawley, Seth Klaskin, Dr. Cooke and Bill McMinn

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  1. Committee Charge
  2. Governance
  3. Membership Composition


It is anticipated that the School Building Committee will, without limitation:  

  1. Coordinate with the Owner’s Representative Project Manager (OPM) which has been selected and approved by the BOS. 
  2. Assist the OPM with applications to the State Department of Administrative Services Office of School Construction Grants & Review.
  3. Work with the OPM to assist in the creation of the construction bid package and in the determination of a list of eligible bidders to be invited to bid.
  4. Select the Architect and/or engineering firms to develop and design the new school facility plans through a public Request for Proposal process that adheres to all Town bid policies and procedures. This includes structural plans, site work, grading and drainage, professional estimating service, drawings and specifications, preparation of bid documents and contract documents, evaluation of bids and appropriate bonding and insurance provisions. The Building Committee, in coordination with the Town Attorney, shall negotiate a contract to be entered into by the Town and said firm(s), subject to approval of the BOS.
  5. Review design documents to evaluate, refine and update cost estimates and verify that the plans fulfill the purpose of the New School Project in a reasonable manner.
  6. Evaluate all construction bids received and pursue any required bid clarifications.  
  7. Meet with the OPM, Architect, General Contractor, or Construction Manager, as needed.  The School Building Committee shall approve the   final plans, specifications, bid documents and contract documents for the New School Project. 
  8. Require the OPM, Architect or other relevant professionals to make regular reports to the School Building Committee, to permit monitoring of the status of construction and change orders, and to keep the School Building Committee up-to-date on all material developments.    
  9. Authorize the start of construction of the New School Project 
  10. Verify that all required permits are in place and verify compliance with all local, state, and federal laws.
  11. Monitor the construction process of the New School Project, including meetings with the OPM, Architect, project manager, construction contractor, subcontractors, and/or any other necessary parties. 
  12. Coordinate communication between the School Building Committee, the Board of Selectmen and Board of Education to keep all parties up-to-date on developments. 
  13. Consider and act promptly on change orders, making certain that any increase in the cost involved in any change order is within the amount appropriated for the New School Project. 
  14. Monitor the preparation by the architect of a list of items (punch list) which are not fully completed or which require further attention when the architect has certified that the New School Project is substantially complete. The School Building Committee shall make certain that such items are completed properly.
  15. Review the certification of compliance by the Architect that construction has been completed in compliance with contract documents and review the list of items that are not yet satisfactorily completed. 
  16. Review, approve and refer to the Town for payment, invoices with respect to the implementation of the New School Project. 
  17. Determine whether funds should be withheld from any payment request pending completion of any unfinished work or for any other appropriate reason, and approve the release of such funds when appropriate.  
  18. Upon completion of the project, the School Building Committee shall make a complete report to the BOS.