Strategic Plan Advisory Committee

Approved at Board of Selectmen April 4, 2023


The role of the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC) will be to assist in the development of the strategic plan and offer feedback and guidance to the Board of Selectmen and the Strategic Planning Working Group.

Madison Meeting minutes and agendas


SPAC will assist in the creation of a 10-year strategic plan and make a final recommendation on its adoption to the Board of Selectmen. Primary responsibilities will be:

  • Attend regular in-person and virtual monthly meetings, and a one-day in person retreat
  • Attend, when possible, in person and virtual community engagement sessions
  • Provide guidance and feedback to the Town’s consultant and the Strategic Planning Working Group throughout the plan development process
  • Review draft and final strategic planning documents
  • Spread the word, encourage community participation, and support the final strategic plan outcomes
  • Recommend potential follow-through strategies to ensure adoption and execution of the strategic plan


  • Peggy Lyons, (Chair) Board of Selectmen
  • Bruce Wilson, Board of Selectmen
  • John Picard, Board of Finance
  • Seth Klaskin, Board of Education
  • Jonathan Stein, Economic Development Commission
  • David Buller, Madison Youth and Family Services
  • Jerry Kerins, Senior Services Commission
  • Carol Snow, Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Helen Bosch, Public
  • Ed Rieger, Public
  • Matt Gordon, Public
  • Sheri Cote, Economic Development Director

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