Dog Licenses

June is dog license month
online payments

June is dog license month for renewals in the State of Connecticut. Please utilize the Town Hall drop box, postal service, or online service (June only) to obtain your dog's license. To keep Madison safe please follow the directions below. 

Nancy J. Martucci, CCTC, CMC
Town Clerk, Madison, CT


Online payments will be available during the month of June only.

Per CT State Statue Sec. 22-337, every dog, except dogs kept under a kennel license as provided in Section 22-342, must be licensed when it becomes six months old and then annually every June. The Town Clerk issues the dog licenses for the dogs in his or her town.
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June is dog license month!


  • Spayed or Neutered dog $8.00
  • Intact dog $19.00

Any blind, deaf or mobility impaired person who is owner or keeper of a dog trained to guide and assist him shall receive a license and tag for such dog, and no fee shall be charged. Also, dogs between six months and one year of age, placed for training as guide dogs, shall receive a license and tag at no fee, provided satisfactory evidence is presented that the dog was placed by an organization which supplies such guide dogs.

Anyone who becomes owner or keeper of an unlicensed dog aged six months old or older must license the dog within 30 days of acquisition. 

Any person becoming owner of an already CT licensed dog may present the license and tag to the town clerk and, for a fee of $1.00, shall receive a new license and tag in his name. If a dog owner moves his residence to another town, he must present the license and tag to the town clerk of his new town who, for a fee of $.50, issues a new license and tag. The Town Clerk must retain the old license and tag in both these instances.