Dog Licenses

Licensing Law Overview

State law mandates that all dogs over six months of age must be licensed in the town in which they reside.  Dogs must wear the tag on a collar around their neck. All dog licenses are renewed in June to become effective July 1.  All licenses renewed after July 1st are subject to a penalty of $1.00 per month.

All dogs licensed in the state of Connecticut require a current rabies vaccination.

June is dog license month in the State of Connecticut. Please utilize the Town Hall drop box, postal service, or online service (June and July only) to obtain your dog's license. To keep Madison safe please follow the directions below. 

Nancy J. Martucci, CCTC, CMC
Town Clerk, Madison, CT

 Online payments will be available during the months of June and July.

renew online

New Licenses

Puppies must be licensed by the time they turn 6 months old.  Dogs 6 months or older must be licensed within 30 days.  

A veterinarian provided Certificate of Rabies Vaccine, including expiration date (not the tag) must be provided at the time of license application.  No license will be issued without a veterinarian provided Certificate of Rabies Vaccine.

A veterinarian provided Certificate of Spayed/Neutered or rabies certificate stating MN (male neutered) or FS (female spayed) is required for spayed/neutered status.


  • Unaltered dog: $19.00
  • Spayed/Neutered $8.00

Licenses not applied for within the required 30 days will be subject to penalty of $1.00 per month.

Please provide the documentation and fee as outlined above, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.    When licensing a new dog by US Mail/ dropbox please enclose the downloadable application or include your name, address, phone number, email address and the dog's name, age, breed and color, rabies certificate and spay/neuter certificate (if applicable) as noted above.

Transfer of Ownership

A dog licensed in the State of Connecticut can change owners.

  1. Mail the license and tag to the Town Clerk in the town of the new owner, along with the fee of $1.00
  2. The Town Clerk will retain the old license and tag, and issue the new license and tag.

If the license and tag are not presented, the new owner must purchase a new license and tag at the full prevailing rate.