Inventory of Natural Resources

The Madison Conservation Commission has been charged by the Board of Selectmen with the development of an inventory of natural resources. Natural resources exist in the environment in which we live. Water, for example, is an important natural resource. Clean drinking water is a necessary component of our everyday lives, and our wetlands provide homes for a variety of animals and plants and also serve as flood storage areas and buffers. Other natural resources, such as forests and fields, contribute in myriad ways to the well-being of wildlife, plants, and people.

Oak Tree Silhouette

Also included in this inventory are historic/archaeological sites such as stone walls and Native American middens. In Madison, the land ethic did much to form the character and history of our Town. As a result, numerous archaeological and historic sites remain. In recognition of our debt to those who founded Madison, these should be located and identified.

Fortunately, scenic resources abound in Madison and greatly enhance our quality of life. But these need to be noted in our inventory as a first step in preserving them for the future.

The completed inventory will consist of a series of GIS maps that show the location and type of natural resources in Town. In time, these maps will be available for all on Madison's town website. Collecting the information for this natural resource inventory will take much time and effort, and the Conservation Commission could really use help. So, we're reaching out to all who live in, or know, Madison for information about scenic and archaeological/historic resources.


Please take time to think about things that might fit into these categories. There are two inventory choices on the commission's page: scenic and archaeological/historic, and another for notable trees. Please feel free to utilize all options.

We look forward to receiving survey information from any and all. Your help is unique and important to us and to all who value aesthetic and cultural entities in our Town.