Area Descriptions

Approved Areas
Approved Areas are not given lettered names.
None of the Approved Areas have accessible and/or significant natural shellfish beds and are primarily of interest to commercial growers.

Conditionally Approved Areas
Conditional areas are all given lettered names.

Area A
Area "A" runs from the Surf Club westward to Bassett Lane, not including the area immediately along the shore from Overshores to Bassett Lane (see map) and contains some natural clam beds. It is open, depending on rainfall, on the ability of the Shellfish Commission to take timely samples for bacterial testing and on the test results.

Area B
Area "B" runs from Park Avenue eastward to Neptune Avenue excluding a triangular area from East Wharf to Willard Avenue via a point about 100 yards out between the two shore points ( there may be a demarcation buoy to mark the area at a future date. It contains natural Steamer Clam beds and has the same conditions for opening as Area "A" above. It has remained closed at times because of over-harvesting.

Area C
Area "C" runs from West Wharf to Park Avenue via Tuxis Island and Gull Rock. It is closed during the boating season because it is also a mooring area for recreational boats. It is open from October to May under the same conditions as areas "A" and "B" above.

Area D
Area "D" runs from Chipman Point at Twin Coves Westward to the Guilford line, but excluding the area along the shore at Circle Beach.