Area Designations

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture Division divides potential shellfish producing waters into seven categories. (Not all areas are shown in the recreational shellfishing map)

  • Approved
  • Conditionally Approved
  • Restricted-Relay/Depuration
  • Conditionally Restricted-Relay/Depuration
  • Restricted-Relay
  • Conditionally Restricted-Relay
  • Prohibited


  • All shellfishing waters are closed for at least one week after a 3" rainfall event, regardless of above category.
  • Recreational shellfishing is only permitted in Approved and Conditionally Approved areas, and these areas may or may not be open, depending on rainfall events and the results of bacteriological testing.
  • The boundaries between the areas are marked in the field by posted, diamond shaped signs along the shore. Please refer to the map (PDF) to find the location of these markers.

General information

General information on the open/closed status of shellfishing waters in town can be obtained at the Town's general information telephone number 203-245-5600. Additionally, signs indicating the status of the various areas are maintained at East Wharf, West Wharf, and the Surf Club.