Madison Police Department

Lemonade Stand Benefits MPD K-9 Fund

The People of Madison Say Thank You

During the summer of 2016, our entire nation struggled to cope with the tragic and violent events that occurred in several American cities where the trust between the police and their respective communities had eroded.   It is difficult to comprehend the complexity and enormity of the issues within those communities; for the losses of life and challenges to overcome their differences to foster both social and systemic change.  It is hard for us to imagine being a police officer - a man or woman, father or mother, brother or sister, son or daughter – a person who chooses a job to enforce the very laws that enable our collective welfare and in that role may put their own safety at risk. Such great responsibility they have, to serve and protect the public while keeping a promise to their own families and friends that they will come home each day, alive and well.

Madison is fortunate to have a Police Department that serves to protect our citizenry and consistently works to contribute in positive ways to this community.  To acknowledge and further support these efforts, Madison Youth & Family Services solicited public comments of support and gratefulness as part of a week- long campaign that we titled “Madison Police Appreciation Days.”  Youth & Family Services Staff, along with youth volunteers, traveled with our “Community Chalkboard” through several town locations and it was filled several times over with an outpouring of support for our men and women in blue.  As we toured the town throughout the week, one thing was clear; the community truly appreciates the efforts of the Madison Police and all first responders. We heard countless stories of compassion, bravery, and support from people of all ages. To commemorate this experience, we then created a poster that best represents the thoughts and feelings expressed by our residents.  

Our main goal, in common with that of the Madison Police Department, is to always work to strengthen the bonds within our community.  In that spirit, we ask the Madison Police Commission and the Madison Police Department to accept this poster as a THANK YOU to the Madison Police.  It is our wish that it can be displayed within the walls of the Police Department where it can serve as constant reminder of the gratitude felt by so many.  As a community we hope and pray for safety… for peace… for all.  

Grateful_community This plaque was presented at the November 10th Board of Police Commission Meeting, along with a poster signed by community members, by staff, students and board members of Madison Youth & Family Services showing their appreciation of the Madison Police.   

The plaque is proudly exhibited in the display case in the lobby of the Department.

JoeRace-Nov2016L-R: Dylan, Kelly and Gray (front) Doherty presented homemade cookies to Captain Joe Race for the officers of the Madison Police Department who they wish to thank for their service to the families of Madison.

Officer Appreciation

As a great show of support given the nationwide violent events the Madison Police Department has received a strong outpouring of appreciation for its officers who serve and protect our community.  Over the past few weeks community members have  called, sent personal notes of thanks and gratitude as well as deliveries of trays of cold cuts & rolls; an Edible Arrangement bouquet; a strawberry & whipped cream torte; boxes of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee; trays of bagels; cider donuts; bags of apples and pizzas. A petition with over 70 signatures to demonstrate ‘appreciation and support’ of the department and officers was received. The Madison Police Department and its officers wish to thank everyone for their support. 

Message from Chief Drumm to the Madison Police Department Staff:

Yesterday another tragedy struck at the law enforcement community.  Not since the September 11 attacks has policing in this country suffered such a loss.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and to all law enforcement personnel in this country. 

It is very difficult to prevent an incident of violence against the police community, especially when it is a tactically executed attack and by way of ambush.  As always be ever vigilant as you carry yourself through our chosen and noble profession.  I ask that you exercise caution, always be prepared and not become complacent in our day to day law enforcement duties.

I am proud to serve with you all in this profession with the Madison Police Department and most honored to serve the community we protect.

Chief John "Jack" Drumm
July 8, 2016