Who Should Come

Not all, or even most, residents will visit the site. Instead, we will rely on heads of household or other family member to come with the proper information to enable them to pick up medications for their family and possibly other friends and neighbors who might have difficulty getting to the site. Residents who are ill with a communicable disease should not visit the site, but should have someone else pick up medication for them.

Forms & Identification
Those visiting the site will need to be residents of the towns being served, have all the required medical information for each person they are getting medication for (download forms below), and sign for all medication they pick up. If they are picking up medication for non-family members they will need the medical information form for that person and a signed authorization (download below). Valid ID will be required. Bring a Connecticut driver's license, military ID, or passport.

Required medical information forms will be available at each of the parking areas as well as at this site. Having the forms filled out in advance of arrival at the site will speed the process for everyone. Forms will be available as soon as they are approved, but they may be updated from time to time and could be out of date if downloaded now.

Getting Here
Residents will not drive to the sites, but will instead be bused from several outlying locations. Residents with a valid Connecticut handicapped parking permit, upon arriving at an outlying parking site, will be issued any required forms and a one-time pass to park at the clinic site. Volunteers will be able to park at the clinic site.