Brush and Leaf Disposal Facility

The Madison Brush and Leaf Disposal Facility is located at the end of Ridge Road north of Green Hill Road. The site is for use by homeowners and businesses doing work in Madison. A fee is required for some items, but the attendant does not accept payment. Instead, residents provide identification with their local property address and will be billed by the town. Businesses may be similarly billed by the trip or may buy multiple trip passes at the Public Works desk at the Town Campus.
Items & Fee Schedule
  1. Yard Debris
  2. Metal
  3. Holiday Closures
  • Brush
  • Resident auto/pickup no charge
  • Commercial vehicles:
    • Pickup up to 2 cubic yards $5
    • Over 2 cubic yards $10
    • Over 1 ton $15
    • No vehicles larger than 6 wheels
  • Leaves (no bags)
  • Tree limbs up to a maximum of 3 inch in diameter (Logs, Stumps and Wood Chips are not accepted)
  • Dirt
  • Rocks
  • Masonry rubble
  • Other:
    • Used motor oil (residential only)
    • Used tires:
      • Passenger Cars $5 ($10 on rim)
      • Trucks $10 ($20 on rim)

Available for Free

  • Firewood (not split)
  • Mulch
  • Wood chips