Kennel Licenses

Any owner or keeper of a kennel may apply to the Town Clerk of the town where the kennel is located for a kennel license. A kennel license must be issued on a form prescribed by the commissioner of agriculture and for a period from the application date until the following June 30. A kennel is defined as dogs kept for sport, sale, or show. The license must specify the name and number of the kennel, the owner's name and the keeper's name.

A kennel license is in lieu of other licenses for the dogs kept in the kennel. A tag must be issued for every dog kept in the kennel. A kennel license may be transferred by issuing a new license and tags at 10 cents per tag; the town clerk retains the old license and tags and the 10 cent fee. An owner or keeper of a kennel does not have to submit a rabies certificate at the time the license is issued.

The fee for a new kennel started after July 1 is a proportional part of the fee for 1 year. The penalty for failing to obtain a license for an established kennel before June 30 is $1 for each dog in addition to the regular fee.


Kennel licenses are available as follows:

  • No more than 10 dogs: $50.00 plus $1.00 for a group of 10 dog tags = $51.00
  • More than 10 dogs: $100.00 plus $1.00 for each group of 10 dog tags requested.

The late fee for kennel licenses is $1.00 per license.

Breeding Kennels

Any owner or keeper of a kennel who breeds more than 2 litters annually shall apply for a kennel license. Any owner or keeper who breeds not more than two litters annually may apply for a kennel license (22-342). Towns may license breeding kennels in accordance with local zoning regulations.

A person keeping 10 or more unspayed dogs shall apply to the Town clerk. Upon certification by the zoning official, on a form prescribed by the town, and payment of a fee set by the town, the Town Clerk shall issue such license. Each license is valid from the date of application until the 13th day of June and can be renewed from year to year.