Bark Swim Program

Beach Play for Dogs!

Does your dog want to play at the beach and take a swim? The Madison Beach and Recreation Department's Bark Swim program allows dogs to play and swim at Garvan Point Beach. 


  • All dogs must be registered in this program with the Beach and Recreation Department.
  • All dog owners must prove that their dog(s) are licensed and all vaccines are up to date.
  • Owners must always be in control of their dog(s).
  • Owners must cleanup and remove any feces discharge immediately.
  • No digging holes.
  • Dogs are not permitted on/in playgrounds, picnic area, ball fields or other beaches at any time.
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times and only allowed off leash when participating in this program.
  • Bark Swim hours will be posted and these hours are the only times that bark swim and play will be allowed.
  • The Bark Swim location will only be at Garvan Point Beach. All other parts of the Surf Club will follow the bylaws, rules and regulations provided in section 5-2, 14-33, 14-55, 1-11 of the Town Ordinances.
  • The Bark Swim program runs November 2 - April 29 

The success of this program is fully dependent on the cooperation of all participants.


To register for this program bring your current dog license to the Madison Beach and Recreation Department and fill out the registration form.


For any questions, call the Madison Beach and Recreation Department at 203-245-5623.

Satellite Image of Garvan Point