Check Your Registration Status

Visit the Connecticut Secretary of State's Voter Database to check your registration status:

Registration Status

Please note, the information is generally updated weekly on Tuesday.  Updates occur more often during election times.
When entering your name, please do so without syntax (such as apostrophes and periods).

The information presented on this site is some cases cannot be relied up to confirm your ability to vote in a particular party's upcoming primary.  Even if your party affiliation is correct, if you changed your party affiliation within the last 6 months, you should call or email the Registrar to confirm your ability to vote in an upcoming party's primary.  You could also check the letter acknowledging your party change to make sure that if there is a Delayed Privilege Date, that the date is before the date of the upcoming party's primary.  A Delayed Privilege Date after the upcoming party's primary date means you have yet to acquire the privilege of voting in that primary.