Top Dog 2017

Kelsey is Madison's Top Dog!

Top Dog Kelsey 2017
Top Dog Letowski 2017

Kelsey Kansas Letkowski is Madison’s Top Dog for 2017 and will wear the #1 dog tag this year. She is a Shibu Inu and joined the Letkowski family as a puppy and is now 12 years old. Kelsey came from a breeder in Kansas and her family thought it was fitting to give her that middle name to represent where she came from. Her family consists of RC Letkowski his wife Katie and their two children Riley and Corey. Kelsey also has a nine month old sister named Misty who is also a Shibu Inu.

Kelsey is very active and likes to go hiking with her family at Chatfield Hollow State Park. Her favorite toy is a purple bear that she carries around the house and uses it to greet the family with at the door. Kelsey’s favorite things to eat are pizza crusts and treats. She is very well trained and will do anything for a treat. She is not a fan of the rain but absolutely loves the snow and will go outside with Riley and Corey to play in it all day long.

When Kelsey isn’t playing outside or hiking with the family she loves to snuggle on the couch with them for some down time. At bedtime she crawls under the covers where she falls asleep for the night.

Congratulations Kelsey for being the 2017 Madison Top Dog!

2016 Chooses 2017

Duncan,the 2016 Top Dog, and his family came in on July 6, 2017 at 5:15 to pick the new 2017 Top Dog winner. He tried to stick his head in the box but was unable to. Instead Holly and Mike had one of their daughter’s pick the next Top Dog as you can see from the pictures.