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Thank you to this fabulous group of students for making our schools a more welcoming place for all!

On Wednesday, January 10, 26 DHHS students joined forces with 30 MYFS Peer Helpers to deliver the message about the harmful effects of hate language. The High School students represented MYFS Peer Advocates and Girls United as well as the Embrace Club. The assembly was presented to the entire 7th and 8th grade at Polson Middle School and kicked off the Peer Helpers’ Speak Up event which will take place on Wednesday, January 17.

Speak Up was designed by the MYFS Peer Helpers to unify the school by creating a pledge of unity for all students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade to make Polson Middle school a place where all students feel accepted and included.

Students will have the opportunity to sign the pledge and wear yellow to support inclusion and acceptance. The Peer Helpers made 800 yellow pin ribbons so that the entire student body has the opportunity to participate!

I believe that EVERY student has the right to be respected and safe regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or their interests.

I pledge to:

  • Treat all students with respect 
  • Avoid verbal, physical, or cyber bullying 
  • Support students who have been bullied 
  • Speak out against verbal, physical, or cyber bullying 
  • Notify an adult when bullying occurs 
  • Be the change in MAKING IT BETTER

988 Suicide Hotline

As the Youth Services Bureau for the Town of Madison, and a member of the Connecticut Youth Services Association, MYFS began humbly in 1983 with a single employee.  MYFS has since developed its programming to address the community needs for youth counseling, social/emotional education and substance prevention efforts, as well as establishing programs that train and empower youth to become actively involved in the issues that impact them directly.  These programs have grown in number and evolved over time.  Our Peer Advocate and Peer Helper programs have become trusted resources for youth in need of help and support.  Today MYFS provides a full array of programs and services that support the health and welfare of our youth and families of Madison.   We subdivide our three main functions to include Clinical Services, Positive Youth Development and Community Support.  

Madison Youth and Family Services
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“The agency exists to foster the healthy development of the children of Madison and their families through progressive programs that offer prevention, community coordination and treatment services.”

MYFS is designated as the Youth Services Bureau (YSB) for the Town of Madison as defined under Connecticut General Statue section 10-19m.  A Youth Service Bureau (YSB) “is an agency operated directly by one or more municipalities that is designed for planning, evaluation, coordination, and implementation of a network of resources and opportunities for children, youth, and their families. In addition, ysbs are responsible for the provision of services and programs for all youth to develop positively and to function as responsible members of their communities.”  For more information about YSBs and their vital role within the communities they serve, visit:

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