Social Services

Madison Youth and Family Services assists Madison residents who need help locating resources including state and local programs. Below are some of the programs that Madison Youth and Family Services can help with. Many of the following programs are provided through the generosity of community organizations, state and local agencies, local churches and  individuals.

Community Renewal Team (CRT) Energy Assistance Program This program helps to subsidize your winter heating expense, for any form of heating.  Please be aware that there are required documents necessary to complete your application and that there are income guidelines based on the number of individuals in your household.  

Once you have all your documentation together please call 203-245-5645 to set up an appointment.  Deadlines to apply are in the spring of year and vary depending on the type of heat you have.

CRT - Energy Assistance Income Chart

Number of Persons Maximum Annual Income
1 41,553
2 54,338
3 67,124
4 79,910
5 92,695
6 105,481

Local Social Services Programs

The “Warm the Children” program that is organized and distributed by the Madison Rotary Club helps to provide winter clothing for your children including coats, boots, and other clothing.

The Holiday Basket program is provided by Madison Community Services.  Madison Community Services is an all-volunteer organization committed to providing the makings for a Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter meal. In addition, they operate the Madison Food Pantry on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 50 Mungertown Road. Please call 203-245-3031 for more information.

With the assistance of Neighbor-to-Neighbor and The Exchange Club, we are able to offer needy families a live Christmas Tree.

If you are age 65 or over, please contact Heather Noblin at 203-245-5687.

The annual assistance programs available to qualified individuals and families are:

  • State Energy Assistance - October through April.
  • State Rent Rebate Program - Begins in May.
  • Local Food Pantry - provided by Madison Community Services (MCS) 203-245-3031.
  • Warm the Children - provides warm clothing for needy children, sponsored by the Rotary Club.
  • Back to School - Gift cards provided to families in need to help with back-to-school expenses.
  • Holiday Food Baskets - Madison Community Services provides food  for individuals and families for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter holiday meals.
  • Madison Police Toy Drive - Madison Police Department gathers and  distributes toys to families with children at Christmas.
  • Campership Scholarship - camp scholarships provided to enrich the lives of Madison children. 

In addition to the Annual Programs there are several programs that are  available on an "as-needed" basis. The following are some local, state  and federal programs: