Meet Our Staff

  1. Youth & Family Services

    Physical Address
    10 School Street
    Madison, CT 06443

    Fax (203) 245-5648


MYFS provides clinical training opportunities to graduate students enrolled in accredited counseling, social work, family therapy, and art therapy programs and for post-graduate students preparing for licensure. If you are interested in learning more about our graduate internship and post-graduate externships, please contact our Assistant Director, Angela Ahern, LMFT for additional information. 

  1. Scott Cochran, LCSW

    Agency Director

  2. Angela Ahern, LMFT, AAMFT

    Assistant Director, Clinical Services

  3. Melissa Balletto, MHSV

    Assistant Director, Positive Youth Development

  4. Justin Zeigler

    Youth Development Coordinator

  5. Amy deLucia-Ferri

    Youth Development Coordinator

  6. Erin Corbett, LCSW

    School-Based Clinician

  7. Taylor Scalia, LMFT

    School Based Clinician

  8. Peggy Butler

    Youth Development Coordinator

  9. Sharon Clarke

    Coordinator of Office Management

  10. Claudia Califano, MD

    Psychiatric Consultant for Clinical Staff

  11. Catherine Barden

    Assistant Director Community Support

  12. Molly Fahey

    Social Services Coordinator

  13. Marisa Sierra

    Parent Support Counselor

  14. Alexandra Favret


  15. Kasia Phillips


  16. Justine Jarvie


  17. Kaitlyn Melino


  18. Amber Ross