Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (Ad-Hoc)

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Madison, Connecticut


Madison Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) was formed by the Town of Madison in January, 2018. It’s primary charge from the Board of Selectmen is to create a long-term Bike/Walk Master Plan for the town and to promote public participation in the planning process. The goal of the plan is to improve the town’s facilities and infrastructure to make biking and walking in Madison safer, easier, and more accessible for all.

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Community Bike and Walk Events

To promote safe biking and walking, BPAC is assembling local events on a community calendar.  

To add your event, invite to your google calendar event, or submit via our online form.

Complete Streets

A Complete Streets Policy was drafted by BPAC and unanimously approved and adopted by the BOS on May 29, 2018. A Complete Streets Policy establishes the town’s commitment to making biking and walking safer and more accessible, primarily by making consideration of bike/walk improvements a priority when undertaking town road work projects.

Survey and Outreach

BPAC created a Survey for Madison in the Spring of 2018, to help identify current bike/walk use, needs, and priorities for improvements. The Survey resulted in almost 600 responses thru October, 2018.  

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From June to September, 2018, an Outreach Campaign spread the word about BPAC and the newly adopted Complete Streets Policy and encouraged people to take the Survey.

Over 500 brochures were distributed to town establishments and at various town events

In August, 2018, BPAC Committee member, Ellen Weis, was highlighted as Pedestrian of the Week.

The first BPAC Newsletter was emailed in October, 2018, to survey responders who wished to receive periodic updates from BPAC.

Bike/Walk Safety Education Campaign

Almost 600 BPAC survey respondents were automatically entered into a drawing held October 30, in front of the BPAC scarecrows.Maggie Anderson, age 4, assisted by BPAC member Ellen Weiss, drew the ticket for Emily Eisenlohr, who won a new Fitbit Versa smart watch!

 June, 2018 Bike Rodeo Roundup: Bike Safety Education 

Maggie, age 4, assisted by BPAC member Ellen Weiss, drew the ticket for Emily Eisenlohr, wh
BPACs Scarecrows in the Town Scarecrow Contest
BPACs Scarecrows in the Town Scarecrow Contest

October, 2019 BPAC Scarecrows’ Bike/Walk Rules of the Road:

In October, 2018, BPAC created “Pedestrian Pete” and “Biker Belle” for the Chamber of Commerce’s annual fall Scarecrow event, displaying important Bike/Walk Rules of the Road.

Maps Initiative

An inventory of the current state of our roads and bike/walk accessibility in Madison was done in the summer/fall of 2018. The Inventory and Survey results are currently being used as input in developing maps of current and potential bike/walk infrastructure for use in create a Bike/Walk Master Plan for Madison.