BPAC Happenings

Jeffrey Elementary School joined the national Walk to School Day event that inspires communities to come together and promote health and safer routes for students to walk and bike to school.  

Meeting before school, approximately 150 students joined parents and administrators in walking a trail from Bauer Park to Jeffrey Elementary. 

The turnout and enthusiasm indicated the strong desire and support for safer routes to school for all students.  

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BPAC’s “Pedestrian Pete” and “Biker Belle” were back for the Chamber of Commerce’s annual fall Scarecrow event, displaying important Bike/Walk Rules of the Road.

BPACs Scarecrows in the Town Scarecrow Contest
BPACs Scarecrows in the Town Scarecrow Contest

BPAC’s safety awareness committee promotes safe biking and walking on Madison’s popular shoreline roads.

Sample safety signs- Be safe, be seen, 3 feet its the law, walk facing traffic

June 4, 2019:  The Source: BPAC’s Shoreline Safety Signs Initiative for summer/fall 2019

Numerous attractive signs with safety tips for pedestrians, bicyclists, and cars were printed for display on Middle Beach Road, Middle Beach West, and Seaview.  First Selectman Tom Banisch and the Madison Police Department were contacted prior to reaching out to the public and supported the initiative.  Postcards were sent to residents on the shoreline with BPAC contact information if they would like a sign displayed in their yard.  The signs were 12 x 16 with safety tips like “Walk Facing Traffic” and “Share the Road”.  40 signs were originally printed and demand was great enough that 20 more were added.  Committee members placed the signs in June and picked them up in the fall.  Feedback about the signs was overwhelmingly positive and seemed to pay off with walking, biking and driving that better followed the safety rules of the road.

April, 2019 Hand High School Stationary Bike Races

On Friday, April 12, 2019, the Daniel Hand High School Mountain Bike Club in collaboration with the Madison Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) invited the Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program (CCAP) to hold a lunch activity where students would be able to race against each other on stationary bikes. These bikes, called computrainers, are connected to a TV where students can do a simulated road ride while seeing their power meter reading and time. Many students enjoyed this fun activity. Groups would gather around to watch highly anticipated races and would be talking about it for the rest of the day. Teachers and faculty also joined in. Many people stopped by the table to see materials provided by BPAC and to learn about bike safety rules of the road. It was a fun and educational activity before April break.

2019 DHHS bike activity3
2019 DHHS bike activity2

BPAC created “Pedestrian Pete” and “Biker Belle” for the Chamber of Commerce’s annual fall Scarecrow event, displaying important Bike/Walk Rules of the Road. 

Almost 600 BPAC survey respondents were automatically entered into a drawing held October 30, 2018 in front of the BPAC scarecrows. 

Maggie Anderson, age 4, assisted by BPAC member Ellen Weiss, drew the ticket for Emily Eisenlohr, who won a new Fitbit Versa smart watch.

Maggie, age 4, assisted by BPAC member Ellen Weiss, drew the ticket for Emily Eisenlohr, wh

Summer, 2018 BPAC Outreach Campaign

From June to September, 2018, an Outreach Campaign spread the word about BPAC and the newly adopted Complete Streets Policy 

Over 500 brochures were distributed to town establishments and at various town events to inform and encourage people to take a Survey giving the committee their ideas and concerns.

In August, 2018, BPAC Committee member, Ellen Weis, was highlighted as Pedestrian of the Week

June, 2018 Bike Rodeo Roundup for Bike Safety Education

Kicking off an initiative for Bicycle Safety in June, 2018, BPAC Student Advisor Sam Hauser of Madison Troop 490, used his Eagle Scout project to support Madison BPAC and teach bicycle safety to youngsters. We would like to thank Sam, along with Troop Leaders Tim Lynn, Dennis Dollahite, Andre Houser and Wayne Hubbs. North Madison Volunteer Fire Company volunteers were there with their truck for the children to visit, and Zane's Cycles was on hand as a generous sponsor.