Community Center Design Committee (Ad-Hoc)

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- PRIOR TO 2020 - Community Center Design Committee



The Committee is charged with:

  1. Creating a Community Center design proposal
  2. Creating a cost estimate for the Community Center design proposal to include operational and maintenance budget data, capital budget expenses, and potential funding sources (e.g. grants).
  3. Holding at least two Public Workshop/Input Sessions to overview this design and cost to the Public
  4. The Committee shall present their progress to the Board of Selectmen at their July 22, 2019 meeting.

Committee Composition

The Committee shall consist of six members (a quorum will consist of 3 members) to include representatives with a knowledge of building construction and rehabilitation and other individuals as determined by the Board of Selectmen to ensure the composition of the Committee represents a diverse array of interests and opinions. Municipal staff, including but not limited to the Director of Facilities, the Director of Finance, the Director of Planning & Economic Development, the Director of Public Works / Town Engineer, and the Human Resources Director shall serve as liaisons to the Committee on an as-needed basis.

Committee Meetings

The Committee shall meet as required to fulfill their charge.  Meetings will be noticed and include “public comment” as a standing agenda item