Community Center Design Committee (Ad-Hoc)



In consultation with Colliers International the Committee is charged with: 

  1. Creating a Community Center design proposal 
  2. Creating a cost estimate for the Community Center design proposal
  3. Holding Public Workshop/Input Sessions to overview this design and cost to the Public 
  4. Recommending to the Board of Selectmen by April 8, 2019, a Community Center design proposal and cost to bring to Referendum 

Committee Meetings

The Committee shall meet as required to fulfill their charge.  Meetings will be noticed and include as a standing agenda item, public comment.


Committee Composition

The Committee shall consist of six members (a quorum will consist of 3 members) to include representatives with a knowledge of building construction and rehabilitation and other individuals as determined by the Board of Selectmen to ensure the composition of the Committee represents a diverse array of interests and opinions. Municipal staff, including but not limited to the Director of Facilities, the Director of Finance, the Director of Planning & Economic Development, and the Director of Public Works / Town Engineer, shall serve as liaisons to the Committee on an as-needed basis.

agendas and minutes
community center survey