Coastal Resiliency Commission


  1. In 2019, Madison Board of Selectmen adopted a resolution establishing the Madison Coastal Resiliency Commission.
    1. This action was in response to state law PA 18-82, which requires municipalities to plan for the potential impact of climate change and sea level rise.
    2. After soliciting applications from residents and conducting interviews, the Town appointed the Commission in November 2019. There are three subcommittees: Communication, Technical, and Policy.
    3. The Commission will work closely with appropriate State agencies, including the Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation (CIRCA) and the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP), to assist in evaluating the projected impacts of climate change and sea level rise.
    4. The Commission will develop a plan for consideration by the Board in the next 18 months and the plan will include proposed capital projects and policy and regulation changes.
  2. State law has mandated consideration of a 20-inch rise in sea level by 2050. Sea level rise has direct impacts on the Connecticut shoreline:
    1. Increased erosion rates.
    2. Increased frequency of flooding, coastal inundation, and roadway damage.
    3. Beaches become eroded, salt marshes move landward, and property can be damaged.
    4. A storm surge or high tide that would not have been a problem in the past, now results in more frequent flooding; extreme storm events can cause even greater damage.
  3. In 2016, Madison developed an initial Coastal Resiliency Plan.
    1. The plan was developed by consultants under the direction of town officials.
    2. The plan considers methods of adaptation to sea level rise, including accommodation, protection, and retreat.
    3. The Commission will use this 2016 plan as the starting point for a more complete plan.
  4. The Commission will endeavor to engage the entire Madison community to ensure accurate information exchange via multiple communication channels, including:
    1. Dedicated webpage on Town website
    2. Educational materials
    3. Open meetings
    4. In-person events with Town groups
    5. Social media
    6. Traditional media

Executive Members

Name Party Term Expires
David Clark R 1-1-2025
Graham Curtis R 1-1-2023
Shannon Lewis D 1-1-2025
Henry Maguire R 1-1-2023
Woodie Weiss D 1-1-2023
Walter Welsh U 1-1-2025
David Anderson Liaison      

Subcommittee Members

Name Party Term Expires
Timothy Casey U 1-1-2021
Joseph Maco R 1-1-2025
Gregory Makoul D 1-1-2025
Clayton Patterson R 1-1-2023
Wayne Rigney R 1-1-2023
Marilyn Shaw D 1-1-2021
Robert Sonnichsen U 1-1-2023
Elaine Stangland D 1-1-2023
VACANCY D 1-1-2023
VACANCY D 1-1-2025
VACANCY R 1-1-2025
VACANCY D 1-1-2023