Monday, June 6,  2022                                                                             7:00 P.M.            

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22-15.  17 Carmel Court.  Map, 109, Lot 52.  Owner/Applicant:  Mathew Christoff; Regulated Activity Permit to remove trees and install a 16 x 34 in ground pool within a wetland review area. (Continued from 4/4/22)

22-15 Application Documents


22-23.  15 Prospect Street. Map 16, Lot 12. Owners:  Hilary and Curtis Baker; Applicant: Gulick & Company; Regulated Activity Permit to convert existing house into pool house/residence, and construct an addition on to existing structure, house will be raised to FEMA compliance and existing storm pipe to be relocated.  Also, installation of a pool, patio and landscape walls and landscaping.

22-23 Application Documents

22-24.  154 Race Hill Rd.  Map 141, Lot 51.  Owners/Applicants:  Steven and Diane Vyce; Regulated Activity Permit to construct a 12’ x 48’ front porch, a 6’ x 23’kitchen bump out in rear of house, a 20’ x 25’ garage addition on the west side of house and a 41’ x 14’ deck in a wetland review area.

23-24 Application Documents

22-26.  353 Boston Post Rd.  Map 36, Lot 25.  Owner:  Kingsley Goddard and Kelly Ann Quinlan; Applicant:  The Residence at Barberry Farm, LLC;  Regulated Activity Permit for proposed Planned Development District within the 100’ review area. Limit disturbance to 50’ minimum.

22-26 Application Documents


22-14.  27 Scenic Rd.  Map 115, Lot 69.  Owner/Applicant: Andrea Aron; Regulated Activity Permit to place a pre-built 10 x 14 shed on crushed stone within the wetland review area.

22-14  Application Documents

22-20.  959 Boston Post Rd.   Map 39, Lot 86.  Owner/Applicant:  Robert John Oman and Jyl Lozier-Oman; Regulated Activity Permit to construct a 24’ x 24’ garage on a slab approximately 52’ from the closest flag on a flat area above a sloped wetland.

22-20 Application Documents

22-21.  9 Sperry Ln.  Map 122, Lot 32. Owner:  Andrew and Kelly Acquarulo; Applicant: Fortissimo Builders, LLC; Regulated Activity Permit to build 8’ x 8’ foot above ground pool deck approximately 50 feet from the closest wetland flag.

22-21 Application Documents.


Request for Extension of Approval. 67 Boston Post Road, East River Farms condominium development. 


Approval of Minutes:       

                    Regular Meeting Minutes February 7, 2022

                    Regular Meeting Minutes May 2, 2022                                                                    

Remarks:     Inland Wetlands Chairman  

                    Inland Wetlands Officer 


The Town of Madison does not discriminate on the basis of disability, and the meeting facilities are ADA accessible.  Individuals who need assistance are invited to make their needs known by contacting the Town’s ADA/Human Resources Director Debra Milardo at 203.245.5603 or by email to at least five (5) business days prior to the meeting.