Special Meeting Notice & Agenda

Date / Time:        THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2022 – 5:15 PM

Site Locations:   

                1.    1389 DURHAM RD 

                2.    544 OPENING HILL RD

                3.    100 BRADLEY RD (AT BROOKSIDE LN)                                                          

Call to Order.

Site Walk 1    (5:15PM)

22-32. 1389 Durham Rd. Map 146, Lot 2.  Owners:  Thomas and Rebeka Knowlton; Applicant: Thomas Knowlton; Regulated Activity Permit application to construct a two-story addition for 3 car garage addition with living space above and installation of new bituminous concrete driveway within 100ft upland review area.

22-32 Application Documents

Site Walk 2    (5:45PM) 

22-29. 544 Opening Hill Rd. Map 116, Lot 1.  Owner/Applicant:  Timothy Mack; Regulated Activity Permit application to modify approved site plan to relocate the house alter driveway configuration within 100ft. upland review area

22-29 Application Documents.

Site Walk 2    (6:30PM) 

22-33. 100 Bradley Rd. Map 38, Lot 78    Owner: NHP MADISON, LLC, New York Limited Liability Company, f/k/a The Hearth at Tuxis Pond, LLC; Applicant: Fedus Engineering, LLC, Agent for Gulick Construction, LLC; Regulated Activity Permit application to install storm water drainage system and pave Brookside Road within 100’ upland review area. 

22-33 Application Documents


The Town of Madison does not discriminate on the basis of disability, and the meeting facilities are ADA accessible.  Individuals who need assistance are invited to make their needs known by contacting Lauren Rhines at 203.245.5602 or by email to at least five (5) business days prior to the meeting.