Livestream the Board of Selectmen Meeting


The Board of Selectmen of the Town of Madison hereby gives notice that the proposed Charter revision draft document was approved by the Board on Thursday, July 28, 2022 and this draft document will be sent to Referendum. In addition to routine or standard grammatical and similar revisions, the proposed Charter is amended in more significant ways. The amendments to the Charter will: 

1.    Clarify language and procedures including:

a.    Preamble Definitions

b.    Sections 2.1.2, 3.2 – revise legal notice deadlines from 10 days prior, to in accordance with General Statutes. 

c.    Section 2.1.3 – set procedures for Town Meeting moderators 

d.    Section – clarify Annual State of the Town Meeting guidelines 

e.    Section 3.2 – revise publication of Budget publication to once no less than five days prior to referendum

f.    Section 4.1.1 – revise meetings of the Board of Selectmen to be held no less than once per month

g.    Sections 4.1.3, 4.1.4 – revise language to clarify roles and responsibilities of the Board of Selectmen

h.    Sections 4.2.1, 4.2.2, 4.2.3 – revise language to clarify role and responsibilities of the First Selectman

i.    Section 6 – elected town board terms to begin on Monday following Election; Chair to be voted on at first meeting with quorum; no elected official may hold second elected or any appointed position

j.    Section 6.1 – Zoning Board of Appeals members to three alternates in accordance with statute, and elected to four-year terms

k.    Section 6.4 – increase BOF membership to 7 members and establish term staggering. In 6.4A-F add or remove language to outline the roles of the Board of Finance

l.    Section 7.1.1 – include Zoning Enforcement Officer under Town Officers

m.    Section 7.1.3 – remove unnecessary language re: Chief of Police, clarify language regarding all other employees and reference to section 4.1.3

n.    Section 7.2.1(former 7.2.2) – language added to clarify normal process of collective bargaining. 

o.    Section 7.2.3 (former 7.2.4) – language added that the designee to negotiate collective bargaining is assigned either by First Selectman or the Board of Selectmen. 

p.    Section 7.2.4 (former 7.2.5) – remove language referencing BOE employees, reference to section 7.1.3 and empower the Board of Police Commissioners to discharge all employees of the Police Department. 

q.    Section 7.2.5 (former 7.2.6) – include language to reference applicable terms of employment and employment policies. 

r.    Section 8.1 – language added to include process of establishing commissions by Ordinance; the list of Charter-mandated commissions is revised to include fewer commissions and to only list the commission names, not the ; and language added to establish 24-month time period for establishing non-Charter commissions by Ordinance. 

s.    Section 8.2 – remove language regarding Ethics Commission as it is established currently by Ordinance; include language to allow for any new appointed commission to be created by Ordinance. 

t.    Section 8.4 – revise language to reference the Charge of Appointed Commissions (versus terms); and remove obsolete language applicable to the last Charter revision only. 

u.    Section 8.5 – include language to clarify chair term conditions, establish need for vice chair at all commissions. 

v.    Section 8.8 – add new section to clarify that Appointed commissioners are not compensated except to be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the fulfilling their duties on a commission. 

w.    Section 10.1.3 – establish clarified process / guidelines for establishing and coordinating response to a State of Emergency; clarify that the First Selectman is authorized to take action through State Statute; create process for the termination of a State of Emergency and the role of the Board of Selectmen to terminate prior to the proposed 30-day automatic termination. 

x.    Section 10.2.1 (former 10.3.1) – clarify that the fiscal year follows state statute versus being changed by Ordinance. 

y.    Section 10.6F – add language to clarify that health-related settlements, judgments or legal orders shall require Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance approval. 

z.    Section 11.3 – remove reference to only “permanent” boards as all appointed officials must be sworn in

aa.    Section 10.4B (former 10.5B) – increase timeframe from April 15th to April 30th for Board of Finance to recommend a preliminary Town part of the budget 

bb.    Section 10.4B.F – insert new clause F to reference the capital program 

cc.    Section 10.4C (former 10.5C)– include language to require Board of Finance to confer with the Board of Selectmen regarding additions to or reductions from the recommended Town part of the budget, as time allows 

dd.    Section 10.4D (former 10.5D) – revise language to clarify that the Board of Finance shall conduct a public hearing to present the two parts of the budget no later than April 30th (versus during the last week in April); and to clarify that the BOF shall adopt each part of the budget (Town/BOE) separately. 

ee.    Section 10.4E (former 10.5E) – update guidelines regarding publication of the budget to follow state statute

2.    Remove gendered language: 

a.    Preamble C. Nomenclature and Usage 

b.    Section 8.5 – rename “Chairmen” to “Chair(s)” 

3.    Revise thresholds:

a.    Section 2.1.1 – increase quorum for Town Meeting from 75 to 150 

b.    Section and Section 3.3D – revise certification of petitions by the Town Clerk from five calendar days to ten business days 

c.    Section and Section 3.3F – revise referendum of petition items to be held no less than 15 and no more than 30 days after Town Clerk certification

d.    Section and Section 3.3G – revise language to require a minimum of 150 affirmative votes for passing of petitioned referendum item

e.    Section 4.2.1 – revise language for selection of Acting First Selectman from within 30 days to within 14 days of election

f.    Section 10.6A – revise threshold for special appropriations requiring Town Meeting approval for those requests in aggregate from a single department in excess of $250,000 (formerly $50,000)

g.    Section 10.6B – revise language to allow for Line Item Transfers within a department in amounts up to $20,000 to be authorized by the First Selectman or their designee; and transfers in excess of $20,000 in aggregate to be authorized by the Board of Finance upon request by the Board of Selectmen 

h.    Section 10.3 (former 10.4) – allow for contributions or donations of the Town under $5,000 (formerly $2,000) to waive requirement of submission of organization or corporation financial records; increase threshold from $20,000 to $40,000 for requiring financial statements for entities requesting appropriations 

4.    Delete unnecessary / obsolete clauses:

a.    Section – Annual Budget Reconciliation Town Meeting 

b.    Section 4.1.5 – Miscellaneous Powers of the Board of Selectmen 

c.    Section 6.3 – remove (a)

d.    Section 7.2.1 – entire section 

e.    Section 10.2 – entire section regarding re-dedicating use of town property between departments

f.    Section – entire section regarding system of accounts  

g.    Sections 10.9.1-10.9.3 – sections provide regulatory authority to the Board of Finance and per statute the BOF is not a regulatory board

h.    Section 11.1 – unnecessary language that just repeats authority in state statute 

i.    Sections 11.5.1-11.5.3 – sections regarding clauses to clarify changes made in 2006 Charter revision

5.    Other changes: 

a.    Section 3.1 – revise terms of Board of Selectmen to commence on Monday following Thanksgiving

b.    Section 3.2 – add language that Budget referendum is expected to be held in the last week of April but may be held no later than May 25th 

c.    Section 4.1 – set Board of Selectmen terms to four-year terms 

d.    Section 4.3.2 – addition of language allowing appointment of Acting First Selectman by vote of at least three members of the Board, if the First Selectman cannot be reached

e.    Section 4.5 – revise language for compensation of elected officials to be set by the Board of Finance and in accordance with state law 

f.    Section 6.4 – revise Board of Finance from six members to seven members; no more than four from any one party

The Board of Selectmen will also conduct a Public Information Session on Monday, August 22, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. in Town Campus Room A and on Zoom. A copy of the full proposed Charter draft can be found on the website at or requested through the Town Clerk’s Office at 8 Campus Drive Madison, CT. Meeting details for August 22nd can also be found on the website at 

The Town of Madison does not discriminate on the basis of disability, and the meeting facilities are ADA accessible.  Individuals who need assistance are invited to make their needs known by contacting Debra Ferrante at 203.245.5644 or by email to at least five (5) business days prior to the meeting.