FROM: Kathleen Dess

DATE: TUESDAY, September 12, 2017

TIME: 7:00 – 9:00 PM

LOCATION: Senior Center First Floor Conference Room

I. Meeting Welcome – Kathleen Dess
a) Approval of June 13, 2017 minutes
b) Transition of Board Chair
II. Citizen’s Comments
III. Correspondence
IV. Treasurer’s Report – Art Symonds 
V. Chairperson’s Comments – Kathleen Dess and Tony Doina
a) Discussion of MYFS Board bylaws and meetings 
VI. Student Report – Abby Murphy and Jacqueline McKeown  
VII. Liaison Report - BOS Liaison Scott Murphy
VIII. Director’s Report – Scott Cochran
IX. Board feedback and/or questions
X. Adjourn

If a Board Member or Liaison is unable to attend, please contact Lou Anne Castrilli via email ( or contact MYFS main number at (203) 245-5645.