Madison Beach and Recreation Department
Bauer Park Committee
Monthly Meeting October 25, 2017 7:00 pm
Bauer Park Classroom Agenda
  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes
  2. Public Comments
  3. Chairman’s Report
  4. Section Reports
    1. Volunteer Coordinators Report
    2. Buildings and Grounds Report
    3. Public Relations and Publicity Report
    4. Gardens Report
    5. Educational Report
  5. Old Business
    1. Five year plan
    2. Dog Park
  6. Harvest Festival
  7. House update
  8. New Business
  9. Other

 Next monthly meeting Novermber 29, 2017 “The Town of Madison does not discriminate on the basis of disability, and the meeting facilities are ADA accessible. Individuals who need assistance are invited to make their needs known by contacting the Town’s ADA/Human Resources Director Debra Milardo at 203-245-5603 or by email to at least five (5) business days prior to the meeting.” If you have any questions you can contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 203-245-5672.