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Madison, CT

At a meeting held on March 2, 2020, the Agency took the following action:

18-43.  16 Georgetown Circle.  Map 131, Lot 18.  Owner/Applicant:  Virginia Guilfoyle.  Regulated Activity Permit for solar lights around perimeter of pond.  Also seasonal aerator with three lights in the pond and decorative lighthouse at perimeter of pond.  Approved.

20-01.  119 Race Hill Road. Map 139, Lot 20.  Owners/Applicants:  Gerald & Sandra Gerletz.  Regulated Activity Permit to remove decomposed leaf litter from existing pond.  Approved.

20-02.  316 & 324 Copse Road.  Map 65, Lots 4-4+5.  Owner/Applicant:  David J. Viola Jr.  Regulated Activity Permit to permit 4-bedroom house, driveway, septic system and associated grading 35 feet of an Inland Wetland.  Approved With Condition.

                                                                                    Kealoha Freidenburg, Chairman