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Madison, CT

At a Zoom Video Conference meeting held on April 5, 2021, the Agency took the following action:

21-03.  856 Boston Post Road.  Map 39, Lot 8.  Owner:  Faith Whitehead; Applicant:  856 Boston Post Road.  Regulated Activity Permit to construct single family residential cluster development and associated site improvements within 100 feet of an inland/wetland.  Postponed to May 3, 2021.

21-05.  141 Opening Hill Road.  Map 81, Lot 8-4.  Owners/Applicants:  Herb A & Melody V Escobar.  Regulated Activity Permit for construction of an in-ground swimming pool, retaining wall and landscape improvements within the 100 ft. wetland review area.  Approved with condition.

21-07.  81 Liberty Street.  Map 29, Lot 154-1.  Owner/Applicant:  Brian Geremia.  Regulated Activity Permit for construction of in-ground pool, terrace, basketball court and landscape improvements within 100 ft. of an inland wetland, and filling and creation of inland wetland areas.  Approved with condition.

Kealoha Freidenburg, Chairman