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Madison, CT

At a Zoom Video Conference meeting held on August 2, 2021, the Agency took the following action:

14-13 MOD:  Neck Road.  Map 12, Lot 103.  Owner:  Jan Sola Walzer; Applicant: Jan Sola Walzer. Modification of previously approved Regulated Activity Permit #14-13, purpose of modification is to relocate Right of Way across Lot 1 for the benefit of Lot 2 in the Estate of Frances M. Nugent Subdivision, Neck Road.  APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS.

21-21:  301 Boston Post Road.  Map 36, Lot 14.  Owner/Applicant:  Albert & Tatiana Rojas. Regulated Activity Permit for proposed single family home.  Proposed house, well, septic tank, pump chamber and portions of driveway will be within 100' of wetland review area; proposed leaching fields will be located outside 100' wetland review area.  Main portion of driveway from Boston Post Road to homesite is existing. IWO SECTION 13.

21-22:  33, 54 and 47 Heatherwood Drive.  Map 124, 15, 16, 27 & 28.  Owner/Applicant:  Town of Madison, Public Works Department.  Regulated Activity Permit for replacement of the Heatherwood Drive bridge over Camp Laurelwood Brook. ACCEPTED.

Kealoha Freidenburg, Chairman