Where is Affordable Housing in Madison? **
Concord Meadows
Woodland Road
90 rental units for elderly & disabled
Government assisted
West Sussex
New Road & Sussex Place
8 units
Deed restricted
The Orchards
Apple Way/Lovers Lane
7 units
Deed restricted
Jasper Lane
4 units
Deed restricted
Twin Pines
Stephanie Court
Samantha Lane
Durham Lane
10 units
Deed restricted
East River Farms
Boston Post Road
4 units
Deed restricted
The Wellington
Boston Post Road
under construction

  • Government assisted = 90 units
  • Tenant rental assistance = 3 
  • Single family CHFA/USDA mortgages = 9 
  • Deed restricted units = 33 

TOTAL ASSISTED = 135 = 1.68% of all housing units in Madison

** as of September 2023

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1. What is Affordable Housing?
2. Who is eligible for Affordable Housing?
3. How is Affordable Housing defined in Connecticut?
4. What is CT General Statute 8-30g?
5. Does Madison have Affordable Housing as defined by CT General Statute 8-30g?
6. What is the Area Median Income (AMI) in Madison?
7. Who is eligible for Affordable Housing in Madison?
8. How much can a household in Madison spend monthly/yearly for housing costs and not be “housing or cost-burdened”?
9. Where is Affordable Housing in Madison? **