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Health Insurance Survey

  1. Health Insurance Survey

    The Town of Madison must begin to look at the design of our health plans and the costs of coverage for our employees. In some way, shape or form, our health plans will be different by next year’s open enrollment. We feel that the direction we need to seek is one of promoting wellness in partnership with our workforce. This questionnaire is being designed to assist us in prioritizing and analyzing what is important to all of you. The survey is anonymous and we encourage all unaffiliated employees to participate.

  2. Which plan are you currently enrolled in?

  3. Are you enrolled as:

  4. In ranked order what are your priorities on healthcare coverage?

    (5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest)

  5. Biweekly premium payment

  6. Office visit copays

  7. Prescription brand name coverage

  8. Emergency Room copayments

  9. In-hospital copayments

  10. Network of physicians

  11. Do you know what a high deductible health plan is?

  12. If you answered yes, would you prefer a high deductible plan if it saved you money on your bi-weekly premium payments

  13. If the Town kept a traditional benefit program (PPO/HMO) would you be willing to pay more to maintain that coverage in premium payments?

  14. If the Town looked to keep a traditional benefit program but increased the costs of copayments, please rank your preference for increase

    (5 being the highest preferred increase and 1 being the lowest preferred increase)

  15. General office visits

  16. Emergency Room visit

  17. Inpatient Hospital copayment

  18. Generic Prescription Drug Benefit

  19. Brand name prescription drug benefit

  20. Would you participate in a voluntary preventative care program that would require employees and their spouses to complete recommended annual preventive screenings?

    The program would be subject to the following conditions: Screenings would be totally confidential and only tracked by the Town’s Insurance carrier with no specifics disclosed to the Town except compliance. If these screens were done, it could lower an employee’s premium payment. (Examples: Primary care physician designation, General physical, Mammogram, Prostrate Screening, Cholestoral blood screen, high blood pressure screening, cervical cancer screens, colorectal screens and/or health risk assessments based upon an employee/spouse age and condition)

  21. Would you be willing to participate in a health plan that had different copayment rates based upon the Insurance Carrier’s definition of a center/physician of excellence?

    (Example: Hospital A is defined as a Tier 2 hospital with higher copayments for ER, Inpatient or Outpatient Surgeries and Hospital B is defined as a Tier 1 hospital whose rates would be lower than Hospital A)

  22. Are there other benefits such as Dental that you would like to see the coverages increased with a higher premium?

  23. Would you like to see additional optional dental benefits for employees to choose from?

    (Example, Employees could select a better plan benefit other than the basic benefit for an additional cost)

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