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BPAC Survey - July 2020

  1. Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Survey
    Madison has been dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic for many months. This pandemic has changed daily lives, and we’d like to better understand how that’s impacting bikers and pedestrians in our community. The following survey aims to understand the impact of the virus on your biking and walking habits and preferences. Please encourage any household members to complete the survey individually. Thank you for your time and reflection.
  2. 1. How often do you walk/run outside per week?
  3. 2. How often do you bike outside per week?
  4. 3. Compared to last summer (pre COVID-19), do you bike/walk/run...
  5. 4. As a walker/runner in Madison, how safe do you feel on our roads?
  6. 5. As a bicyclist in Madison, how safe do you feel on our roads?
  7. 6. Compared to last summer (pre COVID-19), what level of bike and pedestrian activity do you see in Madison:
  8. 7. Which areas would you most like to see improved accessibility and safer routes for walking/biking in and around Madison?
    Select your top THREE.
  9. 8. Where do you live?
  10. 9. Please check if you would like to….
  11. Your age:
  12. How did you hear about this survey?
  13. Please direct any additional comments to
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