Scott Cochran, LCSW

Youth & Family Services
Title: Agency Director
Phone: (203) 245-5645

Scott Cochran is the Director of Madison Youth and Family Services and has worked with the agency since 2004.  Scott is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and brings an affirming perspective from a long career with a wide range of personal and professional experiences.  Since his promotion to MYFS Director in 2016, Scott has worked closely with colleagues and community stakeholders to develop a strategic plan in line with the community needs and agency mission.  MYFS has continued to work to strengthen the collaborative ties within the Madison community by partnering with other Town departments including the Madison Public Schools, Madison Police Department and Madison Senior Services.  Scott joined the Connecticut Youth Services Association Board in 2017, and was honored to be chosen to serve as CYSA Vice President in 2018.

Scott remains firmly rooted in his values as a social worker.  Through MYFS he is driven to maintain a full array of community programs and services, covering as much as possible from ensuring that basic needs are met to initiating public health campaigns and youth-led programs that promote the overall social and emotional health of youth and families.   In addition to his leadership role as MYFS Director, Scott continues to provide child/adolescent therapy as well as being involved in community education efforts and working directly with various groups of parents and young people.  As a product of Madison himself, Scott has participated as a teenager in some of the youth programs that are still offered today by MYFS.  With these experiences and personal connection to the community, he believes strongly in the importance empowering youth to have a voice in the issues that challenge them.  Scott and the entire staff at MYFS continue to work to provide effective youth development programs, social services and mental health care for the youth and families of the Madison community. 


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