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1. What are the fees to get onto the beach?
2. What do I need to bring with me to purchase a sticker?
3. Where does my sticker need to go on my vehicle?
4. I am a senior/disabled resident and can't drive anymore and depend on others to take me places. How do I get to go to the beach?
5. I have someone watching my children while I work and would like them to be able to enjoy the beach. How can they get into the beach with my sitter?
6. I don't want a season pass, may I purchase a day pass?
7. How do I pay at the gate?
8. We have friends coming to town. How do we get them into the beach?
9. My husband left town for business and took the vehicle with the sticker with him. How can I get into the beach?
10. I lost my vehicle sticker. May I get it replaced?
11. We have more than one family joining us at the beach. How do we get them in?
12. Once I enter the Surf Club, do I have to stay there or may I leave and come back?
13. I want to go to East Wharf or West Whart. May I purchase a Daily Pass there?
14. I like to walk, jog, and ride a bicycle. How do I get into the beach?
15. I am a residing tenant in town, may I purchase a season sticker?